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October 12, 2023

Exploring Audits Conversation: Conducting a Mail Ballot Validation Audit

Hosted by Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Jennifer Morrell, Exploring Election Audits: Conducting a Mail Ballot Validation Audit is the second conversation in The Elections Group’s Exploring Audits Series.

This conversation will focus on mail ballot validation audits, and will feature election officials from Colorado who will discuss Colorado’s Signature Verification Audit Pilot Program in-depth.

Our Exploring Audits Series was released by in 2023. The first report in the series gives an overview of the current election audit landscape. It then introduces a new election audit framework that uses principles and standards developed by our bipartisan group of election officials to develop and conduct high-value election audits.

The series’ second set of reports provides election administrators with standards and methods for implementing high-value election audits. For each type of audit, the report provides background information, applicable standards, information on who should conduct the audit and when, and methods for conducting the audit and producing an audit report.

Our team is committed to providing communications support, guidance, resources and templates to election officials. If you have a project that you need help with, please reach out to

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