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May 17, 2024

Voter Registration & Voter List Updates: How It Works

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It can be tough to explain voter registration and voter list updates. This slide presentation (with scripted speaker notes) and script make it possible for anyone to present the basics without overwhelming their audience with election terminology. Share this resource with individuals in your community who can help spread the facts about voter registration and list updates and serve as an ambassador for your election office.

The goal here was to provide audiences with background information on general voter registration and voter list update policies and practices; there are frequent notes in the script reminding audiences that different states have different policies and practices. This is a template, so the presentation and script are editable. Your office can adapt or add content about the policies and practices in your state.

Cover slide of voter registration and voter list updates presentation on how it works

Help more people learn about these topics by presenting at community meetings, neighborhood association events, school assemblies and anywhere else you find people who want to know more about election processes!

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