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March 15, 2024

Operational TTX Guides

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A Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is an activity designed to simulate real-life situations in order to test the responses of a particular organization or team in an informal, low-risk environment. TTXs are used to clarify roles and responsibilities and to identify additional mitigation and preparedness needs. The exercise should result in action plans for continued improvement of those plans. The scenarios for this TTX are taken from actual situations encountered by election officials. Knowing there is a likelihood that these events may occur again, election officials must plan and rehearse their responses to dealing with these situations.

This freely available guide is available as a Participant and Facilitator version, providing suggested methods for responding to the various fictional scenarios presented. These materials are for training purposes only and should be adapted to meet the election preparation needs, policies and laws of the participants’ jurisdiction. These methods are part of an exercise and not intended to be incorporated into any plans or accepted as policy. Participants should carefully evaluate each suggestion, and election officials must thoroughly consider and vet every potential remediation or response method before incorporating it into their plans.