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June 25, 2024

Best Practices for Safeguarding Elections

Noah Praetz, president of The Elections Group, hosted a panel discussion, Elections Security: Best Practices for Safeguarding Elections, to discuss election security best practices. Praetz was joined by Derek Bowens, Director of Elections, Durham County, North Carolina Board of Elections; Elizabeth Cassin, Campaigns and Project Manager, Election Protection, IssueOne; and Justin Berardino Deputy Director of Operations, Orange County, California Registrar of Voters.

Featured Resources:
United in Security: How Every State Protects Your Vote
Standing up to Intimidation, Preventing Overt Attacks
Running Secure Elections with Confidence: Ensuring Election Physical Safety for Election Personnel
Secure HQ Checklist
Security Awareness: An Introductory Guide for Temporary Election Workers
How to Respond to Potential Toxic Exposure

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