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October 24, 2022

Writing an Election Facts Webpage

As a local election official, you are a trusted source of election information. Use your website to combat mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) by creating a central location for questions and answers about election processes. The purpose of this document is to illustrate principles for rumor control or frequently asked question (FAQ) pages. The job aid is intended only to serve as a guide. Jurisdictions should ensure that the information presented aligns with their practices.

Make it accessible

Voters should be able to navigate to the page on your website in a couple of clicks.

Write in plain language

Plain language is easier to understand and remember. If you need to use technical terms or acronyms, define them. If you need to cite statute, include it at the end of the explanation.

Use a title that appeals to all voters

Voters may not click on a page titled “myth” or “rumor”. People don’t want to hear something they believe in called a myth. Instead, use a title that appeals to all voters like:

  • Voter Resources

  • Election Security

  • Voter Information

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Explain how election processes work

Use your webpage to explain election processes that voters have questions about like voter registration, mail ballot processing, and election certification. Transparency increases confidence.

Frame around your jurisdiction’s facts

Never repeat misinformation. Repeating a myth increases the chances that people will believe it.

Respond to root claims, fears, and questions

Voters hear both local and national myths. It’s impossible for you to address every single one individually. Instead, write messaging that addresses root claims, fears, and questions. For example, many voters feel concerned about mail voting security.

Invite voters and the media in

Include opportunities for the public to observe processes in person, or serve as election workers.




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