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April 25, 2024

Communications Workshop: Covering Elections and Voting in 2024

Register today and join The Elections Group for our newest webinar: Covering Elections and Voting in 2024 hosted by former NPR Correspondent Pam Fessler.

The conversation will be guided by The Elections Group’s newly released Covering Elections and Voting: A Media Guide also written by Fessler. The guide offers practical tips for engaging with election officials, understanding the rules of voting, and exploring the human elements of elections. Additionally, the guide provides a directory of resources – including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and media outlets – offering tools, data and expert insights to support reporters. The workshop will cover the material discussed in the guide and will feature two election communications experts.

This webinar will be held at noon EDT on Thursday, April 25.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions and enhance your skills. Click here to register.