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April 2, 2024

Covering Elections and Voting in 2024: A Media Guide

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“Covering Elections and Voting in 2024” by Pam Fessler, a communications advisor for The Elections Group and former National Public Radio correspondent, serves as a comprehensive resource for journalists covering the intricacies of elections and voting processes in the United States. The guide emphasizes the pivotal role of accurate, informed journalism in sustaining democracy and public trust in the elections process. It outlines the variability in election laws and practices across states and localities, underlining the complexity of the U.S. voting system and the challenges reporters face in navigating misinformation, legal changes, and the logistical aspects of election coverage.

The guide offers practical tips for engaging with election officials, understanding the rules of voting, and exploring the human elements of elections. Additionally, the guide provides a directory of resources – including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and media outlets – offering tools, data and expert insights to support reporters.

With contributions from experienced journalists and election experts, the guide offers story ideas, from the maintenance of voter rolls and the processing of mail ballots to the safety of election workers. It calls for a balanced approach to covering both the challenges and positive aspects of voting.