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Election Workforce Development Advisor


At the helm of election services and administration, his work encompasses the orchestration of voter registration, election planning and coordination, and the solution of design problems found in electoral processes as former Deputy Director of Elections for the State of Georgia. Collaboration with the federal government, state jurisdictions, law enforcement, USPS and management of standard operating procedures were among his key responsibilities, ensuring the integrity and efficacy of our democratic systems.

He holds both master’s and doctorate degrees in public administration and policy and participated on election administration advisory committees with the Bipartisan Policy Center and its taskforce on election workforce development.

With a deep-rooted commitment to civic engagement and a strong foundation in organizational leadership, his contributions in the industry at the municipal, county, and state levels fortified his expertise in advancing voting programs and election administration. Leadership in customer services and process improvement initiatives has been a cornerstone of his professional journey, reflecting a steadfast dedication to empowering citizens through fair and transparent elections.