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August 11, 2022

Teaming up for Election Communications: An Implementation Workbook

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Running a sophisticated communications operation can be difficult for all election officials; nearly impossible for those who lack adequate staff, money, and time. That is why some election offices are finding success by working together with nearby offices on communications.

When counties share the same media market, addressing the media market together can be more powerful. If one election office plans to buy a print advertisement ahead of the voter registration deadline, why not pool funds with other offices to buy a more prominent advertisement, or add other jurisdictions’ names to save on costs? If one office plans to publish an Election Security fact sheet, why not share that resource with other jurisdictions so they can easily do the same?

This workbook provides guidance for meeting election communication challenges through the development of a coalition of elections offices. This workbook draws from the successes of groups like the Coalition of Bay Area Election Officials in California (see our case study here). For them, working together has resulted in stronger communications with candidates, media, and voters. Plus, they have saved money and built a community among election officials.