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March 21, 2022

Implementation Workbook: Countdown to a State-Led Security Navigator Program to Help Local Election Offices

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Election security has never been more important. Expanded use of technology has increased vulnerability to cyber attacks. Foreign and domestic threats mean basic levels of physical security for facilities and polling places may be insufficient. Even the sense of personal safety that election officials and workers historically enjoyed has eroded. And, the whirlwind of election information voters receive comes from many sources, some misinformed and some simply working in bad faith. Jurisdictions large and small find themselves overwhelmed.

State officials are positioned to take the lead by developing programs to help local election offices manage these risks. This guide is inspired by the state officials who have already taken the lead in securing elections by providing advice, support and even direct services to help local election offices (EOs) navigate the unfamiliar waters of election security.

Whether you envision a quick sprint for existing staff or an ambitious program built from scratch, this guide can help you achieve results quickly.