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July 1, 2024

Election Resource Roundup – Week 3


Welcome to The Elections Group’s Election Resource Roundup, a weekly Monday webinar showcasing resources for election officials from its library of resources and other organizations.

Until November, our team of experts will follow the election calendar and share information on resources that election officials could incorporate immediately into their operations.

This third episode in the series focuses on communicating about post-election procedures, notifying voters of polling place incidents, and polling place signage best practices. Our team is joined by Katie Smith who is the Assistant City Clerk: Director of Elections & Voter Services for the City of Minneapolis, Tim Schwarz who is the Manager of Election Administration for the City of Minneapolis, and Emma Werowinski, the Design Lead and Civic Information Designer for the Center for Civic Design.

Featured Resources:

Notice Posters

Communicating Election and Post-Election Processes Toolkit

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