How We Help

In 2020, our efforts have focused on jurisdictions that are facing a dramatic increase in mail or absentee ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic, or wrestling with changes to ensure healthy polling places. For example, our guidance has included but is not limited to:

  • Mail/Absentee Ballot Processing
  • Implementing Ballot Drop Boxes
  • Signature Verification
  • Signature Cure Process
  • Health and Safety Changes in Polling Places
  • Ballot Reconciliation
  • Post-Election Audits
  • Communication Strategies

See samples of our work.

Our Approach

We customize our approach to meet the needs and timeline of your jurisdiction. In general, we can provide:

  • Consultation: We will speak with your staff by phone or virtual meeting, and gather information about your challenges, goals and current practices and policies.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: We will bring together our network of veteran election officials and consultants, each with unique expertise, to prepare guidance and materials for you.
  • Materials: We will draft guidance documents by curating best practices from our network, and tailoring them to your specific operation - understanding the language, people, physical space and legal environment you are dealing with - while also connecting you to resources from our partner organizations.
  • Direct Support: We will connect you with one or more of our election experts in order to provide ongoing mentorship by phone as you work through the materials and develop your plans.
  • Technology: We will help connect you with partner organizations to leverage existing technological solutions and expertise, where possible, to meet your goals.