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June 13, 2024

Election Communications Lunch & Learn Workshop Series — In-Person Outreach: Developing Voter Relationships

This summer, we are going back to the basics of election communication. In this three-part weekly series, experts from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, The Elections Group, ideas42 and the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence will lead a series of discussions about the fundamentals of election communication. We’ll go in-depth on a range of subjects spanning from how to attend community events, set up social media pages, and develop community relationships. No matter if you are a seasoned administrator looking for a refresher or if you’re new in your role, this series will help strengthen the foundation of your outreach activities.

Register today and join the first webinar as experts discuss face to face community outreach as a great way for election officials to build trust because you meet voters where they are. During this session, we’ll discuss where to go, how to prepare, and how to present your office to the public.

This webinar will be held at 1:00pm ET on Thursday, June 13. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions and enhance your skills.